The Impact of 5G LTE on Businesses


Internet service providers (ISPs) who want to give the gift of lightning speed Internet to businesses may be able to do that without the astronomical cost of laying down new infrastructure.

Thanks to the promise of 5G LTE, companies are going to be able to keep up with the growth in the volume of mobile traffic all while keeping important data safe in the Cloud. Here are a few changes the business world can look forward to with the rollout of 5G LTE.

Advantages of 5G LTE

  1. Cost-Effective

    In the past, the few ISPs who have offered Gigabit Internet have had to dig up roads and install miles and miles of fiber optic cables that associate with subscribers’ specific addresses. While it has represented cream-of-the-crop service for customers who practice early buy-in, it has come with hefty up-front costs for providers. The new 5G LTE service will not require such a disruption to the existing infrastructure. Instead, services will be delivered to customers wirelessly through the air, a lot similar to how mobile networks deliver cell phone service via towers.

  2. High Expectations

    If the previous network generations can give a clue of what the world can expect from 5G LTE, the communications industry as a whole is about to take another major shift. When 2G was released in the early 1990s, users experienced the move from voice-based technology to text messaging. Then 3G added the need for data with Web streaming. The 4G LTE gave users greater speed and more reliability. With the constant increase of features and accessibility, this trend places the expectations for 5G extremely high. It is true that 5G LTE will deliver on even more capabilities, and some wireless companies are already beginning to test it out.

  3. Innovation

    With the capabilities of 5G LTE, new products and services will be released that haven’t even been thought up yet. This will open a whole new world of virtual reality. 5G LTE is an absolute necessity in a world where the Internet of Things is expected to take off. As new devices, such as lights, refrigerators and other products use cellular networks, carriers will need 5G to connection at the speeds required and the security to go along with it.

    Most consumers already assume that 5G LTE will be must faster, a quality that will be welcome from both a business and consumer standpoint. Testing has driven speeds as high as 6 Gbps.

The Future of 5G LTE

With a 5G LTE connection, fleet drivers will have even more information FAST regarding optimal truck routes and smart traffic data. In health care, 5G LTE will allow for always-on integrated medical technology that will improve safety, security and communication through patients and doctors. And these are just a few examples. Once 5G LTE is the standard across all industries, business owners and buyers will feel the effects of 5G LTE.

In regards to the Internet of Things, 5G LTE will enhance the human experience as we connect virtually everything. By 2020, analysts estimate that there will be more than 20 billion installed IoT devices around the world, generating massive amounts of data. With access to this kind of information, industries of all kinds will be able to reach new levels of efficiency as they add products, services, and capabilities.

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