LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Why Switch to LED Lighting?

Energy Savings

LED lighting is a highly efficient technology. Are your lights on for long periods of time? Since they use about 50% less electricity than traditional options, you will see substantial energy cost savings.

Additionally, customized options for each area of a building can be put in place. Take advantage of real time management of light fixture behavior along with pre-programmable settings and modes.

Lower Maintenance Costs

How often do you call maintenance to change a lamp? Or maybe you are used to the bulbs “burning out.” Quality LEDs have an expected lifespan of 30,000–50,000 hours or more, depending on the quality of the light. Its long life will significantly reduce labor costs of replacing bulbs in commercial situations.

Safety, Security & Improved Visibility

Have you ever driven down a road where the difference between a well lit storefront stood out over the dimmer one? Have you asked yourself which parking lot are you more likely to pull into? When upgrading poorly lit areas with LED Lighting, you create a more welcoming atmosphere for both staff and customers. Reports from wholesalers and retailers found that better lighting is directly correlated to increased sales.

LED Lighting benefits in many different ways.

High Bays

  • Designed for taller ceilings and larger areas (traditionally used for areas that are 20 feet or higher)
  • Designed for taller ceilings and larger areas (traditionally used for areas that are 20 feet or higher)
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Retrofit Kits

  • Designed to convert existing fluorescent fixtures to LED.
  • Work in most existing grid ceilings and can be installed from below the ceiling.
  • Reflector and shield to cover the strip or provide widened lighting.
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Flood Lights

  • Designed for applications that require a narrow beam of high-lumen output.
  • Commonly used for stage lighting, parking lot lighting, stadiums, and ground to aerial use.
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Shoe Boxes

  • Most commonly used in parking lots and street lighting.
  • Increase overall lumen output, while maintaining cosmetic appeal.
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Recess Cans

  • The majority are recessed inside of a ceiling with an internal downlight fixed for the accurate orientation of lighting.
  • Options vary widely from decorative to more traditional. These lights are suitable for new construction or retrofit.
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Office Lighting

  • Increased productivity and alertness of people at work
  • Better looking lobby and workspace for your building
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LED Tubes

  • Contain an internal strip that last 70,000 hours
  • Provide a great alternative for cost control, while still maintaining overall cost reduction.
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More light using less energy, what could be better?

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