With the Internet of Things

The Future is Here.

So, what’s all the excitement with the Internet of Things? IoT impacts everything from business, health, travel, to shopping & marketing trends, to Internet browsing and inventory production. Smart surveillance, monitored or automated transportation, smarter energy management systems, water distribution, urban security and environmental monitoring all are examples of internet of things applications It is the concept of using sensors to connect devices to the Internet in order to instantly gather data. By collecting and sharing data, companies can get smarter in regards to buyer trends, work productivity and cost control. 

What’s in Store for IoT?

  • ABI and Gartner forecast that IoT technology will be made up of 26 billion to 30 billion connected objects by 2020
  • Cisco estimates 43% of all networked devices will be mobile-connected in 2021.
  • Cisco forecasts that globally, M2M modules will account for 51% (13.7 billion) of all networked devices in 2021
  • Intel says that by 2025 the global worth of IoT tech is projected at $6.2 trillion

The ability to monitor and manage all of your assets with one universal solution is what companies dream of achieving. With IoT, this becomes a reality.

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How Industries are Using the Internet of Things:


With telemedicine, doctors can conveniently visit patients virtually. “Wearable technologies” track data such as patient heart-rate and blood pressure, which is transmitted via the cloud to doctors who can proactively diagnose

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IoT provides the ability to track, monitor, and manage virtually any connected asset from a centralized location. Many factories are equipped with asset tracking, automated maintenance alerts, production monitoring, and air quality and ventilation tracking.

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Transportation & Fleet

IoT technology helps fleet owners monitor driver locations, speeds and idling in real-time. Fleet tracking can reduce fuel cost, provide the most efficient routes, increase productivity and improve driver safety.

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With IoT technology, retail locations have been diligently working to improve inventory management, automation, location tracking, customer service, security, and asset tracking. WiFi Analytics makes this all possible, providing access to richer than ever data.

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Security & Logistics

IoT implements motion sensor technology that sends real-time alerts directly to mobile devices. These real-time sensors allow businesses to easily locate and monitor key assets in order to optimize logistics, track inventory, minimize quality issues increase safety, and detect theft.

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Banking & Financial

Online payment options, secure money transfers and mobile check deposits add a convenience factor to many busy bankers. IoT uses the data collected from multiple devices to implement new options and services to customers.

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Wearable Technology

Wearable technology adoption is rising. According to Forbes Magazine, there were 78.1 million wearables sold in 2015 and the market is expected to grow to 411 million by 2020. The growth of IoT and wearable technology will impact the healthcare industry among others.

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IoT impacts everything from business, health, travel, to shopping & marketing trends, to Internet browsing and inventory production.

Why Choose the Internet of Things?

  • Track Real-Time Behavior

    IoT technology allow businesses to track real-time consumer insights. By having instant access to consumer buying behavior, you can decrease operating costs, reduce employee time, and improve inventory spend.

  • Access to High Quality Data

    Business professionals love data. No matter which industry or department you are in, data helps give you the insight you need to make changes and grow. With IoT technology, smart devices will be able to track and record buying behavior which can help automate product recommendations and custom search options.

  • Process Optimization

    Say goodbye to the days of complex remote scanners for individual inventory tracking. IoT technology will allow for smart devices that will automatically keep track of inventory. This data will not only tell you when you’re running low on a specific product, but will place the order automatically providing top notch analytics in return.

  • Increased Productivity and Decreased Costs

    What if your device could give you the fastest route to work taking into consideration not only traffic patterns but traffic lights as well? This luxury could make commuting easier for employees and make truck routes easier for the drivers.

  • Reduced Human Efforts

    Retail locations are beginning to experiment with IoT technology for increased customer service. Shoppers are able to take out their mobile device and Ping an employee when customer service is needed. Thanks to WiFi Analytics, the Customer Service Representative will know the location of the shopper making this efficient and effective.

Internet of Things

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