Ethernet allows for productivity increase, reduced costs and improved network capacity.

Increase productivity, simplify management, reduce costs and improve network capacity.

Meet your application requirements with flexible bandwidth options across our network and yours. Our Ethernet Ecosystem delivers the benefits of Ethernet including rapid services deployment, reliable connectivity to the cloud, and scalable multi-point network bandwidth. CMS provides MPLS VPN and SIP-based solutions as well as high-speed dedicated Internet access over Ethernet broadband, all delivered in the way that makes the most sense for you – over copper, fixed wireless, and/or fiber.

Features and Benefits of Ethernet:

  • Utilize your existing infrastructure for rapid deployment and cost avoidance
  • Secure, reliable, business-class bandwidth (2 Mbps – 10 Gbps) delivered through many different access types, such as cable, Ethernet, MPLS, etc.
  • Circuit bonding and failover configuration to deliver redundancy, encryption, and much higher usability throughout
  • VPN tunneling for added security
  • Dedicated routes with predictable latency
  • Redundant, diverse connections for business continuity
Ethernet is the most widely installed LAN technology.

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