Prepare Your Business with a Disaster Recovery Plan


By definition, a disaster recovery plan is the process of documenting a set of procedures that shows how your business will successfully recover in the event of a disaster.

Since businesses worldwide rely heavily on information technology to quickly and effectively process information, any interruption in service can impact greatly. While you cannot stop disasters from happening, with a sound disaster recovery plan, your business can be prepared.

How thorough is your disaster recovery (DR) plan?

The first step in a successful disaster recovery plan is to compile the steps that must be taken in the event that a disaster occurs. This includes a predetermined list of contacts within the business that must be notified immediately. Once notified, they are aware of their responsibilities along with what has to be done next.

Disaster recovery plans are not a ‘one and done’ type of initiative. Technology is constantly changing; therefore, you plan must be, too. If an update is made to a certain system, that must be reflected throughout the plan. Many businesses fail to do so, which results in essentially a useless solution. By choose a fully managed IT service, let your vendor take care of this for you so you can focus on other aspects of business.

Think about everything in your business that relies on your technology. Your employees need VoIP email to transmit data, they use laptops and other wireless devices to communicate. Overwhelming, right?

The right disaster recovery plan is dependable, cost-effective, and easy to deploy.

With our 4G/LTE Wireless Backup Service, we can assure that you will have uninterrupted Internet connectivity in the event of a network failure. Your data will be safely backed up! Rest assured, your business will continue without a hitch. You will not lose access to the Internet, your corporate network, payment applications or communications (both internal and external.

All in all, this is a fully managed solution with automatic backup service will ensure your business' IT system is protected. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in a 4G/LTE Wireless Backup Service:

1. Fast and Easy to Deploy

This fully-managed service requires no intervention from you as the business owner. The automatic recovery solution performs in both directions. When the original connection is restored, we will quickly route the network traffic back to the primary connection.

2. Business Continuity

The service reroutes private IP traffic from your primary Internet connection through the 4G/LTE network securely without ever connecting to the Internet. Gain uninterrupted access to applications, commerce transactions and data backup without having to lift a finger.

3. Wide Compatibility

The LTE Wireless can support any desktop, laptop or mobile device since it is compatible with a variety of connections.

4. Fully Managed

To seal the deal, we will monitor and manage every aspect of your backup service enabling you to focus on your overall business. We are dedicated to monitoring and managing your 4G/LTE Wireless service.

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