How to Drastically Reduce Spend with a Phone Bill Audit


Many businesses are accustomed to using the end of year to eliminate unnecessary or overcharged telecom services.

Simultaneously you can search for refunds and lower rates for the coming new year. Are you aware that nearly one-fifth of the entire IT budget is spent on telecom services? Unfortunately, many organizations lack the time and expertise to determine if their bills are accurate. As a result, overcharges go un-detected costing the business thousands of dollars every year.

A phone bill audit can help you understand what services you have, how much you are paying for them, and what is no longer needed. Ultimately, a phone bill audit will show a more efficient way to design your company's network. Allowing a telecom expense management service provider to conduct a comprehensive and on-going audit phone bill audit can be quite beneficial! Let’s take a look at how:


A telecom bill check vets many different vendors in order to help discover and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Technology Enhancements

With on-going telecom audits, you can evaluate different vendors to ensure the best option for your business is utilized. Your current billing system should be prepared to handle the on-going changes in the business.


Specialists will be able to identify any charges that are out of place. All errors are then followed up with the provider upon which a credit request is made on your behalf.

How a Telecom Audit Works

Step 1 – The consultation

A consultation meeting is the first step to discuss how to reduce your telecom expenses and provide you control over the management of your telecom. CMS Technology Partners offers complimentary consultations for all interested companies.

Step 2 – Information gathering

Your telecom audit provider will gather an up to date list of the needed items. These include contract agreements, State and Federal tariffs, books of business, and lists.

Step 3 – Analysis

Your current telecom environment and expense management processes are critically analyzed to ensure your business is being billed accurately.

Auditors will review your existing contracts and telecom billing to uncover all billing errors, eliminate unused services and recover credits for recharges.

Step 4 – Recommendations

Once your phone bill audit is complete, you'll get a full report showing the current providers costs along with a comparison of what we can offer. Here at CMS Technology Partners, we have the ability to negotiate costs with current vendors as well as outside vendors.

If you haven't conducted an audit of your telecoms services recently, it's likely that you're paying too much for your existing lines, calls, broadband and mobile services! Additionally, you may not be taking advantage of the latest developments in technology.

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