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Managed PBX Network and Hosted IP Phone Services

Whether your system is tired and outdated, or you are moving or expanding, CMS Technology Partners’ Managed PBX Network is for you. This solution is also commonly referred to as a hosted network. Now your business can utilize that state-of-the-art technology you heard about without having to invest in a new system or pay for maintenance, moves, adds and changes.

Through one vendor, you can now get all the services you need phone system, maintenance, voice service, local/long distance and internet. Small businesses can now have phone features and management tools that use to be available to large companies with expensive PBX systems. Not anymore. Businesses large and small have taken advantage of Hosted PBX Services. CMS Technology Partners’ outsourced communication solutions lowers your costs, increases productivity, provides unlimited scalability and gives you features you never had before.

All that is required are phones and a router for each location. No other investment in PBX firmware needs to be made. Secure and guaranteed Quality of Service(QOS)

Great Features and Simple Online Management Tools

Choose the right communications tool for every situation:
  • Voice: Place and receive calls on your desk phone, mobile phone or computer using your business line identity.
  • Video: Instantly start high quality video calls using the camera on your computer, desk phone or mobile phone.
  • Instant Messaging: Chat and share files with anyone in your company. Move a chat to voice or video at any time with a single click.
  • Presence: See if your contacts are available for communication. Your status automatically updates to “busy” when you are on the phone or in a meeting.
  • Desktop Sharing: Instantly share your desktop without having to move your meeting to another platform.
  • Mobility: With iPhone and Android apps, you can access the full functionality of the service from your smartphone.
  • Collaboration: Invite others to join you own personal collaboration room.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with third-party applications and services to help streamline your business processes

User/Group Add Ons

The following features and services can be added to your account as needed:
– Auto Attendant
– Authorization Codes
– Hunt Group
– Custom Music on Hold
– Meet-Me Conferencing
– Fax Messaging
– Chat Recording
– Receptionist Dashboard
– Call Center
– Toll Free Number
The system is designed to support multiple products and multiple locations under one service account, assuring all subscribers’ unique communication needs are met.  

Our Solution

More than ever, businesses are looking for a comprehensive set of communications tools that enable effective collaboration across their organization. We deliver just that, integrating multiple functions into a single client so your team can transfer information easier and faster than ever before.  
  • Enable communications in the most appropriate form
  • Reduce latency in task initiation and decision making
  • Improve productivity, allowing collaborators to control communication preferences

To schedule an analysis for your business, contact us at (877) 267-3282.

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